About Us

About Us


LEADERSHIP: The FSRS is proud to take the lead & help shape the future by setting a standard for other communities.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: The FSRS is working hard to maintain the factors and practices that contribute to the quality of the environment on a long term basis. Including: recycling, reducing, conservation, regeneration, up-cycling, restoration and reusing.

COMMUNITY: The FSRS has a sense of responsibility within our local community and strives to increase our local contributions. Current contributions: monetary donations to charitable organizations and partnerships with local organizations.



The Mission of the Foothills Salvage and Recycling Society is to offer an alternative site for all usable and recyclable items, in turn, preventing a copious amount of substance from entering the landfill.

From this, growing a strong environmentally sustainable practice and providing low cost quality reusable items to low income individuals and families the FSRS would like build a strong foundation for the future.

The Foothills Salvage and Recycling Society (FSRS) is a Not For Profit Society dedicated to keeping usable and recyclable items out of the landfill. In doing so the FSRS makes their items accessible through their facility: to purchase at an affordable
price or free through programs such as the Family Resource center in Okotoks. The FSRS’s goal is to help the residents of the Foothills area, not only with affordable items, but also through donations of proceeds to charitable organizations within the Foothills, annually.

In December of 2012, we successfully launched our new facility and are well on our way to keeping usable items out of the landfill. The response from communities within the Foothills has been overwhelming. The increased interest within the province as well as requests for mentorship from Southern Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan has been incredible. The Board and Management are thrilled at the opportunity to be leaders in reducing waste and mentors to communities across Canada.

The FSRS is seeing consistent patronage from Saskatchewan and British Columbia as well as Lethbridge right up to Fort McMurray. We would not have been able to open the doors without the contributions and support of these patrons.

We are continually improving our structural guidelines for increased efficiency. Volunteerism is extremely valuable to us and we are always welcoming new volunteers who share our passion for the community and environmental stewardship.

The Foothills Salvage and Recycle Society is a registered society within the rules and regulations of the Alberta Societies Act and is governed by a board of directors, elected by the registered members of the Society.

A report of activities is submitted to Services Alberta on a yearly basis.