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Application for Funding

1. Name of Applicant / Organization / Agency *

2. Mailing Address *

3. Charitable Organization #*

4. Contact Person*


Telephone #*

Fax #

Email Address*

5. Project Name*

Project location: (servicing community)*

6. a) Explain what you want to do with the funds and how it benefits your group or community:*

b) How many people do you estimate will benefit from this grant?*

c) If your request is granted how long do you estimate it will take to complete your project once funding is received?*

d) How will you sustain this new program once the development has been completed?*

7. Amount of Funding Requested: $*

Date Funding Required By (yyyy-mm-dd) *

8. Organization Information*

Board of Directors YesNo

Number of Board Members

Staff Members YesNo

Number of Full Time Staff

Number of Part Time Staff

Volunteers YesNo

Number of Volunteers

9. a) Which of the following main areas does your project fall under: *

Community ServiceArtsCultureEducationEnvironmentHealth and WellnessSocial ServicesSports and RecreationOther*

b) Project Type: *

Capital / Equipment PurchaseHosting / Travel / Special EventsFacility Construction and RenovationStaff and Volunteer TrainingNew Program or New InitiativeSpecial Funding

Group that will benefit from this funding:*
ChildrenYouthWomenMenSeniorsGeneral PublicOther

10. In order to be eligible to receive funding from the Foothills Salvage and Recycling Society your organization must be:

a) Must be located within the Foothills Region.
b) Be an Alberta non-profit organization, which is eligible to issue official tax receipts for donations.
c) Be able to demonstrate financial and operational accountability for funding received.

11. The Foothills Salvage and Recycling Society will not provide funding in the following scenarios:
Religious Organizations
Third Party Fundraisers
Professional Conventions, conferences or seminars unless industry related
Political Events or
Travel for individuals or groups unless related to staff and volunteer training within the scope of your project.

12. I believe all information within this application to be true and certify that all individuals and organizations involved within the scope of this project will not benefit financially and directly through the funding of this project.

Name *

Position *

Date (yyyy-mm-dd)*

Please ensure all questions within this application are filled out to the best of your knowledge to prevent any holdups with your application. Funding requests will be considered and grants allocated in March of each year.

Thank you
Foothills Salvage and Recycling Society