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It was the flood 2013 in southern Alberta that motivated me to seek a way to help the victims of the flood in our area recover. Working at the flooded sites proved too strenuous for us to become involved, however, as we considered other ways to get involved we learned that the Foothills Salvage Centre offered support to these people.

I began volunteering at the centre, processing donated items and preparing them for sale to the public. What I thought might be a short term stint at helping the community Rebuild has turned into a six year commitment to help the Salvage Centre fulfill it’s mandate to reclaim as many items as possible from entering the landfill as well as it’s commitment to financially support various charities within the community.

I’ve enjoyed working with others who share my passion. We’ve experienced growth and with that changes as we try to “get the job done” so that shoppers have a pleasant experience. I feel this opportunity has allowed me to contribute not only to Salvage but has allowed me to direct funds to a charity of my choice. I’ve been given the freedom to chose when and how much I want to contribute.

Thank you Julie and the Salvage board for the opportunity, it’s a privilege to serve!