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Recognizing our volunteers

We want to thank our volunteers for all of their hard work at FSRS.

They give of their time so generously and are such an amazing support to the staff. We could not accomplish all that we do without them!

In total, our 27 volunteers donated 5,667 hours of their valuable time last year. That means with their help over the years, we have been able to donate $910,000.00 back to our community since 2012. In addition, they have assisted us in diverting tonnes of waste from the landfill.
Amazing accomplishment!!

These volunteers are all in different stages of life. Some are retired, some are working professionals, raising families or already serving on other boards as well. The one uniting bond though, is their volunteer spirit.

We are truly blessed to have these folks in our community and especially here at FSRS.

So thank you volunteers for supporting us, brightening our days, lifting our spirits and for being so giving and such vital members of our community.

Interested in joining our team? Click here to learn more about volunteering at FSRS.