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Give back to your community

The FSRS operates largely by the generosity of its volunteers, who are able to donate their time and talents in the areas of:

  • Receiving
  • Maintaining our library of books
  • Hanging/sorting clothes
  • Testing electronics
  • Small repairs
  • Basic organizing and clean up

We are always looking for individuals willing to commit a few hours a week and/or individuals with a trade/skill to work on short term projects. If you are interested, please fill out our Volunteer Application.

Volunteering at the Salvage centre since the 2013 flood has been a rewarding and sometimes challenging experience! The treasures are endless: fabric to make into tote bags, books to help a granddaughter learn to read, china to serve guests, gardening tools …. and so much more to use practically. Unpacking and putting out the donations is like an ongoing gift opening that I know will benefit the buyer, and thus the community charities and the needy. This is an opportunity that I hope I can continue for the benefit of others as well as keeping our landfill free of many reusable items. This is a fun and rewarding place to volunteer.